Sewing with Gretchen Hirsch...

I am very very excited! I have just signed up for an online sewing course with Gretchen Hirsch to make a retro inspired Bombshell Dress.  I love sewing but wish I could be better. My business partner, Cassie, is just amazing at it and long to be as good as her. I have always wanted to do a dressmaking course but have never had the time or money but this morning I came across this online course by Gretchen Hirsch and I thought, 'Why not?!'. It was 1/2 price and only had to pay about £20.  Bargain! And what is even more perfect? I can take as long as I want with it!

By the end of it I should have made an amazing dress like this.....

                                                                                                      ...... Love love love it!

I will be blogging about the course as I do it and hopefully I will have a dress that will look as beautiful and fitted as the one in the picture above. If you would also like to sign up for this course, click here.

Any ho.... keep your fingers crossed for me!

Image taken from Gretchen Hirsch's blog

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  1. Looks great Jen ! I'm sure you'll do really well and you can sew, the frilly pants you made were great !