How-to make your own photo props

The last couple of weeks have been very busy for me. I have been preparing for my leave at Choccywoccydoodah and making sure everything is ship shape before I pass the baton to Spex (who will take my place in the flower department). I am sad to say goodbye to everyone but also very excited about spending more time with Molly and working on Vintage Owl Boutique full time. 

It is an end of an era though and an era I don't want to forget too easily. So, I have decided for my leaving-do I would make some photo props, so I could get some good snaps of the gang together. These props have become all the rage at weddings and parties recently with photo booths popping up all over the country. You can buy photo props online at around £14.99 for 5. With me leaving a guaranteed wage I decided to make them for near to nothing. This is how I did it....

You will need:
Tacky Glue
Bamboo Skewers or Dowel (can easily get from Poundland)
Paper (to make your templates)
Tailors Chalk or pen (to mark out your templates)

Cost to make - £0 
(These are all things I had already)

1. Make your templates on some paper. I found it easier to fold the paper in half and draw out half a moustache / lip or glasses to make sure your template symmetrical. Once your happy with what you have done, cut out with some scissors.

2.  Mark out your templates on the felt using tailors chalk or a pen. Cut out. I would cut out two of each shape. Felt can be a bit floppy and doubling it will definitely make your moustache or lips stronger. For the glasses I backed it with cardboard as they needed something a bit stronger because of the shape and size. 

3.  Once all your felt is cut out, it's time to apply your tacky glue. Apply a generous amount to the back of your felt. Place your bamboo skewer where you would like it and then put your other piece of felt on top. Press lightly until it feels secure. 

4. Once glue is dry you can trim round the edges if there are any overlapping edges. 

5. Grab friends and have lots of fun taking photos!

I hope this tutorial was helpful. Feel free to send me any questions you may have about this "How-to".

Enjoy and have fun!

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